Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure

Our company suggests a full range of telecommunication services based on innovative cloud PBX
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Some amazing features

For members
Free communication within the network
Traffic encryption
Worldwide access
Call forwarding
Compatibility with popular SIP clients
For business
Local phone numbers from more than 100 countries
Advanced call routing configuration
Unlimited numbers
SIP trunking
Interactive Voice Response
Developer-friendly API
For marketing
Private tracking for each channel of advertising
Extended statistics on the activity of employees/customers
Call center KPIs and Metrics
Huge functionality for analysis

combined decentralized and centralized services

Decentralized solutions designed to provide maximum security for users.
Call mining
Incentive model for full node holders and users.
Invoice verification
Signing of transactions and invoice verification.
Optional storage
Optional storage of call sessions, details and records.
Voice and text messenger
Free and unlimited communication within the network.
Two-side connection
Confirmation of a stable communication channel in accordance with the necessary technical criteria
Unlimited storage
Storage of large amounts of data in a blockchain-based cloud.
Address book
Your contacts are securely stored in a distributed registry.
Registration & authorization
Fault-tolerant registration and user identification system.
Digital lite-wallet
Service payments and storage of crypto assets directly in the client.
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Encrypted communication

Never look back again
Encrypto Telecom is capable of bringing a new word to the world of telecommunications and development, and much more. Encrypted telecommunications are the future of all traditional telecommunications, and make no doubt that with us your privacy is under reliable protection.
Our company offers a full range of telecommunication services based on innovative cloud PBX.
We are up-to-date with the available solutions in the sphere of digital technologies, such as encryption through proven algorithms and application of blockchain technology.
We are putting out a high-quality product that has great potential for customers from various areas of business.
It doesn't matter, who you are: user, business or marketing agency - we have solutions for you.

the first telecommunication token

ETT will be an integral part of EncryptoTel's package that we offer to users and investors. It will be built into all of our services, ensuring steady and increasing demand right from the start.
Native token. ETT will be the primary token of our PBX and VolP services. We do not wish to restrict our customers, so it will be possible to pay in a range of ways, including payments with popular cryptocurrencies. However, paying with ETT will give discounts and advantages, making ETT the most attractive option.
Token mining. For more advanced Waves users we made it possible to add ETT to the config file and start accepting our token as a mining fee. EncryptoTel's own Waves node will offer this too, of course.
Burning. ETT tokens that we received as payments for services will be burned. This will reduce available supply, while buy pressure from new customers will maintain demand.
Personal tracking account. ETT early birds will be able to track company statistics. quarterly profit of the company and our history. Access to these features will be based on our token.
Always available. Customers who don't have ETTs will have an option to buy tokens at the time of payment, ensuring maximum discount. Direct use of APIs of popular exchanges will make the whole process frictionless. There will be very little reason not to pay with ETT.
Dual-blockchain. EncryptoTel is one of the first dual-blockchain projects. Its token will exist on both Waves and Ethereum blockchains, and move freely between them thanks to our BlockSwap service. This approach allows us to leverage the benefits of both platforms.
Tokens are listed on the following exchanges:

Developer friendly api

Get access to our functionality and authentication with the programming language you prefer.
Check out our docs (coming soon)
// Your Account Sid and Auth Token from $sid - "KLJHNkuy9iuhKJNIKuhijhkjo"; $token = "your_auth_token"; $client = new Client($sid, $token); var settings = { "async": true, "crossDomain": true, "url": "http://localhost/api/user/register", "method": "POST", "data": { "name": "vel", "surname": "vel", "patronymic": "vel", "password": "vel", "email": "" }, "headers": { "accept": "aplication/json" } }
API functions are provided according to your tariff and purchased modules.

be online any time, any place and everywhere

EncryptoTel is a multiplatform.
We support the following systems:
EncryptoTel Web-client
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SIP client app
And also coming soon on Windows, macOS, Linux
* Provided for stable internal connection with bandwidth starting from 256kb/s

our proud partners

These are just a few of our partners who trust us and our solutions.

Media about us

our team

Roman Nekrasov
CEO and co-founder
Igor Bityutskih
CIO and co-founder
Tatiana Maksimenko
Head of PR
Sergey Kozulyaev
Team Lead

and that's not all!

We are constantly improving, trying to consider needs of our clients.
Stay tuned for updates below and subscribe to our social profiles.
29 July 2020
EncryptoTel has successfully completed a security audit cycle
We are glad to share this important news — the EncryptoTel virtual PBX software has successfully passed a security audit from Group-IB…
19 January 2021
Livecoin exchange hack
Dear community,
29 March 2021
LiveCoin hack consequences and follow-up
Livecoin hack consequences and follow-up